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The spiritual message and psychedelic rock mixed with African-Latin rhythms carry the public to highly vibrant and hypnotic presentations, loaded with bass and funk heat / afrobeat Brazilian frequencies. In 'Sendeiro', album recorded live in the studio, the group seeks to expand the reach of their message with more direct lyrics and the strength of who sees music as a mission to awaken the consciousness of people.

Amplexos is a Brazilian band born in 2005 in Volta Redonda (Rio de Janeiro). In 12 years of uninterrupted work in music, the band already reached 4 studio albums: Amplexos (2008), A Música da Alma (2012), A Música da Alma DUB (2014) and Sendeiro (2015), and the important single Jerusalem (2014). Amplexos participated in the anthologies "Jeito Felindie" (2013) and "Novíssima Música Brasileira - The Brazilian 10's Generation" (2015), with international distribution by the English record company Far Out Recordings.


The collective toured alongside important personalities of Brazilian music of different styles and generations such as Marcelo Yuka, Síntese and MC Marechal. In "Música da Alma DUB", they had their songs remixed by leading DUB producers in the world, such as Mad Professor (GUY), Victor Rice (USA), Prince Fatty (ENG) and The Scientist (JAM).

Between 2012 and 2014, Amplexos performed shows and recordings with the Nigerian guitarist Oghene Kologbo, musician in more than 30 albums of Fela Kuti, and a tour through the streets, schools and public squares in the state of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Minas Gerais.

Amplexos is composed by: 
Guga (voice and guitar),
Leandro Vilela (guitar and voices),
Leandro Tolentino (percussion),
Flavio Polito (bass),
Mestre André (drum)
e Martché (piano and voices).


Sendeiro is considered by the members of the band the synthesis of Amplexos thought and musical influences. Released in 2015 it solidified the mix already previously experienced of psychedelic rock with afrobeat, funk and dub, but this time with even more visceral and crude interpretations, bringing the sonority of the album closer to the atmosphere reached in the shows. The letters, simple and direct, contribute to a clear understanding of the group's spiritual theme message at the same time they bring reflections deeper than in "A música da alma".

Sendeiro brings the participation of the legendary Nigerian guitarist Oghene Kologbo (Fela Kuti &
Africa 70).

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